About Us

About Us

We opened our doors in February 2019, launching the digital studio of the future. We envisioned the agency we wanted to hire to manage our digital footprint and created our wholistic services accordingly.

We started as a team of highly specialised digital developers and graphic designers and have grown into the energetic DATA driven team of efficient, professional experts we are known for today. All accounts are strategically aligned with our clients’ goals in mind: developing or generating digital

tools, growing your brand, attracting customers, converting leads, and ultimately expanding your business.

We offer a wholistic digital operations service, driven like the wheel that is constantly evolving.

The innovative digital agency that would keep up with technological advancements, policies, and trends.

Expert Team

We are energetic creatives with analytical minds and strategic thinkers who celebrate life as we create magic. Our team is made up of highly qualified project managers, developers, designers, and graphic artists that are committed, ambitious, youthful, and experienced.

While we are highly skilled professionals, we create exciting and fun environments for creative expression. Like the wheel that has been the keystone of innovation, we believe nurturing creativity and utilising DATA driven analytics is the keystone to sustainable digital innovation.

Michelle van Rooyen

Head of Technology

Ryan Kays

Head of Design

Mischa Fraser

General Manager