Brand Identity

Brand identity is the symbolic or illustrative visual aspect to a brand. Like Apple’s apple or the Nike’s “tick”, both visual symbols serve iconic identity to each brand. To build a successful brand identity there must be a strong visual image to link the brand and its various branding elements together, once together the identity begins to act as its “mascot”. The success of a brand is determined by how a company expresses and describes itself from identity, image, culture, and personality that is represented by its marketing material. All aspects including name, colour, shape, tone, topography, and text, all impacts on how a company represents itself on every marketing platform including social media.

While the brand value is an intangible asset and difficult to quantify, an organisations popularity is largely based off a strong brand identity, and therefore paramount to gaining a strong presence in a competitive market.

Apple was voted as the top brand according to Forbes’ “The 2020 World’s Most Powerful Brands” report, with an estimated brand value of $241.2 billion, illustrating the power of brand perception. Removing Apple’s apple from an Apple device does nothing to its quality and performance but does impact significantly on its price and market uptake.